About Us


Love of food never goes unrequited. Perhaps it is the combination of good looks, great taste and unbeatable flavour; but a meal prepared with the right ingredients, with love, is a celebration. SPRIG is a brand that scours the world to get the finest gourmet ingredients into kitchens of people who pride themselves in preparing good food.

SPRIG makes its debut just when a shrinking world expands people’s appetite for global cuisine. It’s not just chefs but even homemakers are serving up Chinese, Thai, Malay, Mexican, British, Italian and a host of other cuisine. But specialty food also needs special ingredients, that are not readily available.

SPRIG sits proudly on gourmet shelves in premium packaging from all over the world. Elegant handmade Italian glass bottles, tiny little Spriggle jars, premium aluminium tubes with a silky smooth finish, give you a hint of the exquisite products inside.

So, the next time you’re looking for the finest vanilla beans from Madagascar or the world’s finest black pepper grown closer home in Tellicherry, just look up SPRIG and amaze yourself with our beautiful collection from across the world.