Honey Honey, How You Heal Me

Honey. The guilt-free syrup of our dreams and the perfect accompaniment to many dishes. Some of us remember taking a spoonful of honey with hot water to cure a cough, while others think back fondly on the way they poured it on our buttered toast.

Honey’s excellent multipurpose uses aside, our favourite thing about nature’s golden syrup is its taste. Sweet without being cloying, and at a perfect consistency, honey can give any syrup a run for its money. But what if we told you that there was a way to make regular honey even better?

Picture this – honey flavoured with ingredients that don’t overpower its natural taste, but lend a warm undertone to the flavour. Say hello to Sprig’s range of flavoured Honey! Paired with immunity boosting ingredients in the right balance, our flavoured honey range makes for the perfect accompaniment, natural sweetener and addition to your everyday meals. Sprig offers honey in three distinct flavours – Cinnamon, Ginger and Curcumin. Individually, these superfoods pack a nutritional punch and are considered essential to a healthy diet. Mixed with honey, you get an incredible flavour profile with the best of both worlds.

We’ve told you about Sprig’s flavoured honey, but what makes it the bees knees?

Each of Sprig’s flavoured honeys comes with its own unique set of benefits. Our Cinnamon Imbued Honey uses cinnamon sourced from Sri Lanka and is extremely flavourful and potent. The Curcumin Imbued Honey contains 50 times more bioactive curcumin as compared to an equivalent amount of turmeric spice powder. Our Ginger Imbued Honey gets its incredible flavour from fresh ginger.

But it’s not just about the flavour! Sprig honeys bring you a host of health benefits. Not only are they rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, but they also aid in weight management and digestion, boost immunity and act as a natural detox. Sprig honeys contain no C3/C4 rice syrups, corn or cane sugar. It is all natural, without artificial flavours, additives, preservatives or colours.

There are endless ways to enjoy Sprig’s range of honey. Mix it with warm water or green tea to start your day on a refreshing note. Pour it over toast, pancakes and ice cream for that extra sweetness. Use it as a natural sweetener for all your teacakes and evening bakes.

While we all enjoy traditional ways of using honey, the people on the internet are always bringing something new to the table. One of our favourite food trends is hot honey. For the uninitiated, chilli flakes are slow cooked in honey for an hour to create a sweet yet spicy condiment. (We recommend using Sprig Cinnamon Imbued Honey and Sprig Chilli Flakes for perfectly spiced undertones.) Enjoy it as a dip for fried snacks or as a dressing for your grilled chicken salad.

Give one of our flavoured honeys a try, and who knows, you might have something new to enjoy or you might become an ardent honey enthusiast like us. We’re always buzzing to know your thoughts and suggestions, so feel free to drop us a comment or tag us on Instagram!

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