Grilled Fish with Almond and Chilli Tomato Salsa

Grilled fish, paired with salsa from chilli and tomatoes using olive oil and garnished with lemon wedges for a healthy and protein rich meal.

Serves: 7
Time: 45 mins.


  • 3 kg fish fillets
  • Lemon or lime wedges

For the salsa


  1. In skillet, heat the chilly and garlic infused olive oils. Stir in almonds; sauté for 2 minutes more.
  2. Stir in tomatoes, lemon juice, and salt; remove from heat.
  3. In a food processor, process mixture in short bursts till tomatoes are finely chopped.
  4. Stir in capers.
  5. Grill fish brushed with chilly and garlic olive oil as needed.
  6. Garnish with lemon or lime wedges with the salsa on side.


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