Chicken Orzo Pasta


Element 1 – The Pasta


  • 80 gm Orzo
  • 20 gm Broccoli florets
  • 20 gm Beans
  • 20 gm Yellow Zucchini
  • 20 gm Green Zucchini
  • 20 gm Yellow Pepper
  • 20 gm Green Pepper
  • 20 gm Red Pepper
  • Basil chopped – a couple of leaves
  • 15 ml Olive oil
  • 10 gm Butter
  • Salt – to taste
  • Pepper – to taste
  • 3 gm Sprig Genoa Spice Blend


  • The first and the most important step of this dish is the cooking of pasta. Bring water up to boil, season it well and then put in the Orzo. It should take about 4 mins. To check if the pasta is cooked, remove some, eat it, if there is a little bite in it, then it’s perfect.
  • Heat up some olive oil and butter in a pan. Add in all the chopped vegetables and give them a toss so that they get coated in the butter.
  • It’s time to season the vegetables, so add in the salt, pepper, basil, the Genoa Spice by Sprig which will give you that robust and depth of flavour. Make sure to give it a toss and mix them well so that each and every vegetable piece of vegetable in that pan gets seasoned.
  • Once you have the vegetables ready, add the pasta to the vegetables and mix them well.

Element 2 – Grilled Chicken


  • 1 Chicken breast
  • 1 tbsp Butter
  • 1 tbsp Olive Oil
  • Salt – to taste
  • Pepper – to taste
  • 4 gm Sprig Genoa Spice Blend


  • Make small slits on the chicken breast. Sprinkle Genoa Spice Blend, salt and pepper on the chicken and spread it evenly on both the sides. Once it is rubbed in, set it aside to marinate for some time.
  • Heat the pan, add olive oil and butter and bring up the temperature so that it sizzles when the chicken is placed in it. This will give it the perfect colour.
  • Cook the chicken on both sides for about 3 minutes and it should be done.
  • Place it on the chopping board and slice it up.
  • For the final assembly, make a small salad with rocket leaves and halved cherry tomatoes tossed in extra virgin olive oil.
  • Place the chicken slices on the orzo pasta and top it with the salad. Lastly, drizzle some olive oil on top and it’s done.


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