All in for Aioli

Beyond the realm of our favourite cooking shows where words like ‘emulsification’ and ‘croquembouche’ are commonplace, something like an aioli would not be a part of our daily conversations. At best, we would equate it to a dipping sauce when seen on menus, and enjoy the taste of it.

But what exactly is an Aioli? Is it a mayonnaise? Is it mayonnaise-adjacent? Or is it a completely different type of condiment that can be versatile in terms of flavour and usage?

Aiolis were an essential part of cooking 2000 years before mayonnaise was even invented. They offer a different, more unique replacement to mayonnaise, in terms of flavours and ingredients used. Traditionally, aiolis are healthier too, and are made with extra virgin olive oil.

An aioli is made of garlic, salt, olive oil and on occasion, eggs. It originates from the Mediterranean region, and is found in Spanish, French, Italian and Maltese cuisine. The base recipes differ from region to region, where some incorporate egg yolks and lemon juice, while others have no egg yolks and more garlic.

More and more, people have begun incorporating new flavours into aiolis. While some purists insist that ‘real’ aioli contains only garlic (and salt) as seasoning, we are all in favour of experimentation.

Powered with the thought that there is so much more you can do with an aioli than just use it as a dipping sauce, the creative chefs at Sprig came up with a range of flavoured aiolis. What’s more, they’ve gone one step further and made the aiolis completely egg free, so that even all our vegan and vegetarian friends can enjoy it.

Is an aioli without eggs still an aioli? The answer is a resounding yes! The main components of an aioli are garlic and olive oil, both of which are an integral part of Sprig’s aiolis. We are focused on capturing the flavour of the aioli, which comes through beautifully, even with added ingredients.

Sprig has six lip smacking flavoured aiolis to offer, which we’ve divided into “the spice girls” and “the beatles” for the purpose of this read. (Just adding a little flavour to this read with some pop culture references. If there’s any that you would like us to add, let us know in the comments!)

The spice girls, as the name implies, have flavours that pack a little bit of heat. We have the Smoky Chipotle, which is made with cold-smoked chipotles; Chimichurri, made with fresh coriander, lime and jalapenos; Wasabi with a touch of Japanese wasabi and Sriracha with some sriracha hot sauce.

The beatles, much like the band, are classic and timeless (fan favourites, really) flavours that pack a punch with flavour. The Cheese and Black Pepper Aioli brings you a creamy flavour enhanced with cheese and black pepper, whereas the Black Garlic will give you a delicious tangy and sweet taste.

Depending on where your preferences lie, you can use any Sprig aiolis for a variety of dishes. Replace the regular tomato ketchup with Sriracha Aioli while munching on some fries. Spread a generous spoonful of Smoky Chipotle Aioli over some roti and add some vegetables to make a quick burrito. You can also use the Wasabi Aioli as a dipping sauce for your uramaki, onigiri and tempura, for sushi with a little twist. (Pro tip: the Smoky Chipotle Aioli pairs fantastically with pizza crusts.)

For all your salad needs, add a spoonful of Cheese and Black Pepper Aioli or Chimichurri Aioli to your dressing, for a creamy, rich and subtle flavour. The garlic and the olive oil makes our aiolis a healthier dressing option as opposed to regular mayonnaise.

But the simplest, and our favourite use of the aiolis comes in the form of sandwiches. Want a spicy sandwich? Choose from Sriracha, Smoky Chipotle, Chimichurri or Wasabi Aioli. An extra cheesy grilled cheese? Spread a layer of Cheese and Black Pepper Aioli before adding the cheese for a creamier version of the classic dish. Looking to make gourmet finger sandwiches for a party? Pick Black Garlic, Wasabi and Chimichurri for a varied set of delicious sandwiches that will wow all your guests.

Be it a dip, spread or addition to your simple meals, Sprig Aiolis bring you incredible taste with the goodness of natural ingredients, with no artificial flavours or colours. The next time you’re feeling a little experimental, pick out an Aioli and go wild! (We do mean wild. Dip your parathas into an aioli, we encourage it.)

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