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TE.A Uni TEA Green Teas infused with of Tulsi, Lemon & Honey, Ginger and Moroccan Mint Pack of 25

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Sprig Uni TEA Pack contains your favourite assortment of green teas: the classic 100% pure Green TEA, Green TEA with Tulsi, Green TEA with Lemon & Honey, Green TEA with Ginger and a hint of Lime and Green TEA with Moroccan Mint.

If green tea were good for you then why do you waste 90% of it away? By virtue of cold-crafting technology, fresh green tea leaves are converted into an anti-oxidant rich powder that dissolves completely in water. This ensures that you get all the nutrients without any wastage.

Incorporate green tea into your health and wellness routine. Supports weight loss goals, good for weight management, improves metabolism, boosts immunity and promotes overall wellness.

Our teas are 100% natural with no artificial flavours, colours or anti-caking agents.

Flavours :

1. TE.A 100% Green Tea (5 Units)
2. TE.A Green Tea with Tulsi (5 Units)
3. TE.A Pack Lemon & Honey (5 Units)
4. TE.A Green Tea & Oriental Ginger (5 Units)
5. TE.A Green Tea & Moroccan Mint (5 Units)


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