Tap to taste Mexico’s Magic Peppers


Craving for Mexican lately? Try Sprig’s Mexican Hot Sauce Combo!. Our Chipotle Adobado and Habanero sauce instantly graces any dish a wonderful heat with earthy, smoked notes. Our sauces will have you say, Muy deliciosa!

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  • SPRIG Habanero


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    Dedicated to the die-hard ‘Chile Head’ or if you prefer, the discerning connoisseur of all things fiery; Our 100% sun ripened, fresh habanero mash is paired with Pacific sea-salt, natural coconut vinegar before being matured in wood. In time, the aged Habaneros tend to lose a bit of their brash bite and gracefully submit to the delightfully edgy citrus nuances that create layers of flavour beneath the fire.


    Ingredients: Habanero chilli (60%), coconut vinegar, sea salt, garlic, vegetable gum (E415).

  • SPRIG Chipotle Adobado

    Chipotle Adobado

    5.00 out of 5

    Discover a marinade & sauce with bold heat enrobed in earthy, smoked notes! This versatile Mexican delicacy can give the right amount of heat to stews, salsa and soups. Whisk into a spicy mayonnaise to make a flavourful dipping sauce or swirl a teaspoon into soups to perk them up.


    Net Wt: 120 g



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