Syracuse: American Spice Blend


Syracuse: American Spice Blend


This spice blend is a fusion of fruity, floral and fiery spices celebrating the new world. Punchy heat of chilli and nutmeg, embraced by herbed tomato notes, a blend characteristic of the melting pot that is America. Adds intensity and depth to soups, stews, sauces and marinade. This versatile ingredient can be used as a rub, marinade, glaze, paste, crumb, sprinkle or dressing!

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Empower the gourmet in you!

Fruity. Floral. Fiery.

The little American town of Syracuse packs all its spirit into this magical blend of spices. Nutmeg, parsley, lime juice and chives are just some of the exciting tastes you will discover in this mix.

Use it to add flavourful heat to a side of meat, or add a touch of mischief to your pulao. Enhance your malai chicken with a delectable tangy tone. Add surprising lemony summer flavours, from Syracuse. Get it now.

Dressing: Mix this gourmet spice blend with citrus juice or vinegar and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to make a zesty dressing for your salads.

Sprinkle: Add more flavour to the table by sprinkling this savoury gourmet spice blend over your snacks, popcorn and other dishes. The best way to make even the simplest meal memorable.

Paste: Whip up a paste of the gourmet spice blend, butter and pureed nuts or a dash of olive oil and stir it into your pastas, soups and sauces for an added punch of flavour.

Marinade: A marinade of the gourmet spice blend, oil and a little lime, vinegar, wine or soya sauce adds a great flavour to your meat. Perfect for grilling, roasting or a classic barbeque.

Crumb: Coat your fish, meats and paneer with a mix of the gourmet spice blend and breadcrumbs or semolina before frying. Grate a little cheese into the crumbs for an added burst of flavour.

Rub: Our gourmet spice blend makes for an aromatic and flavourful rub. Use it with a little oil or as a dry rub to season your meats, paneer or vegetables when roasting, grilling or cooking over a barbeque.

Glaze: Create a savoury glaze of this gourmet spice blend, honey and a little fresh lime or orange juice to add the perfect finish to your grilled fish, meats and roasted vegetables.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place

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