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Making a bet has never been more dicier! You lose, you take a swig of SPRIG's hot choices – the eye watering Bhut Jolokia or the fiery Habanero. The Bhut jolokia sauce made from the hottest pepper known to man – the infamous “ghost pepper” and the hottest wood-aged sauce – the Habanero is sure to instantly spice up even the most boring meals with just a 2-3 drops.

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    SPRIG Habanero


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    Dedicated to the die-hard ‘Chile Head’ or if you prefer, the discerning connoisseur of all things fiery; Our 100% sun ripened, fresh habanero mash is paired with Pacific sea-salt, natural coconut vinegar before being matured in wood. In time, the aged Habaneros tend to lose a bit of their brash bite and gracefully submit to the delightfully edgy citrus nuances that create layers of flavour beneath the fire.


    Ingredients: Habanero chilli (60%), coconut vinegar, sea salt, garlic, vegetable gum (E415).

  • SPRIG Bhut Jolokia

    Bhut Jolokia

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    The legendary 'Ghost Pepper', one of the hottest chillies in the world, stars in this blazing hot sauce. Try a little dab of this pungent sauce to relish its smoky smoothness and raw heat. At a lip-scorching 75000 scoville heat units, it's over 30 times hotter than most chilli sauces. Its intense pungency and heat make it perfect for a Hot Sauce Challenge!


    Net Wt: 120 g



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