Nam Prik Pao


Classic Thai Roasted Chilli Paste. Its lingering heat is balanced with rich umami, subtle sweetness and is redolent with aromatics. Smear it on as a condiment or add it in curries, stir-fries or even in a salad dressing.


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Want to bring some authentic flavour to your Thai dinner tonight?  Or find an Asian chilli paste that will spice up your Pad-Thai?  Well, Sprig’s Nam Prik Pao paste is the condiment for you.

Just a dash of this unique, pungent flavor and your dish is instantly transformed! Sprig Nam Prik Pao paste gives your dish complexity, richness and depth. It makes the dish taste meaty and wholesome, which is the essence of true umami flavour.

What is Nam Prik Pao?

It is a chilli paste that can be added to your curries, spicy salad, noodles or rice. It is a one-of-a-kind condiment that is so versatile in its use that you can even add it to plain toast.

You can transform your home cooked Thai food into restaurant quality fare with a few spoons of Sprig’s Nam Prik Pao paste. Every dab of this red chilli paste packs so much flavour that it elevates your experience on many levels.

Thai cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in recent times, and understandably so. If you have been experimenting with it in your kitchen then you know that Thai food uses a lot of herbs that are finely balanced with aromatic spices. Food can taste sweet, sour, bitter or salty and Thai food is a harmonious marriage of at least two of these elements with the heat of the Asian chilli in the foreground.

Nam Prik Pao contains chillies, garlic, shallots and palm sugar.  The chillies give the heat, garlic gives it pungent taste, taste and shallots and palm sugar gives it the sweetness. Nam Prik Pao traditionally also contains shrimp or fish paste, but we have created a completely vegetarian version of this savoury condiment.

How to use Nam Prik Pao?

You can get creative in a lot of ways with this paste. It can be used as a dip, spread or sauce. You can add it to mayonnaise to give an Asian twist to your sandwich. You can also use it on fried rice to give it a distinct Thai flavor.

You can easily saute` vegetables and chicken in a wok on high heat and use a few spoons of the Nam Prik Pao paste to spice it up. Along with it, add cooked and cooled rice and cook for a few minutes on high heat for the all flavours to marry. Garnish with a fried egg, and your Thai fried rice is ready!

You can also season your tofu with this Asian chilli paste add in some vegetables for a delicious and wholesome stir-fry. Give your raw papaya salad a refined and finely balanced taste with a teaspoon of Sprig Nam Prik Pao paste and a splash of fish sauce and garnish with fresh basil… need we say more?


Garlic and shallots in this paste helps purify blood and also reduces cholesterol.

Bring perfectly balanced Thai flavours into your dishes the easy way.

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