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Habanero Premium Wood Aged Hot Sauce & Mango Jalapeno Hot and Sweet Sauce Combo, 210g

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  • MANGO JALAPENO HOT AND SWEET SAUCE: This versatile sauce combines the natural sweetness of ripe & juicy alphonso mangoes and the heat of fresh, succulent green jalapenos. The perfect sauce to introduce tropical flavours to your dishes.
  • TASTE OF MEXICO’S FINEST: Sprig Habanero sauce is made from wood-aged sun-ripened Habanero chilies. Our Habanero chilies are sourced all the way from Mexico. This is a versatile hot sauce you can drizzle on your pizza or on crispy fried chicken wings for that Mexican kick. It works well as a wet rub for meat, an excellent base for sauces and an amazing condiment that flavours broths, soups, salads and dips beautifully. You can even take it a step further and add it to beverages for an unexpectedly hot and tangy twist!
  • WHY CHOOSE SPRIG? Our products are crafted from the finest ingredients, curated by expert chefs and are of time-tested quality.
  • VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, KOSHER, NO ADDED SUGAR and PALEO FRIENDLY – All of our variants have no added synthetic colors or flavors
  • This bottle of hot sauce should be refrigerated after opening to preserve its natural heat, flavor and taste

EXOTIC HOT SAUCES FROM AROUND THE WORLD: Sprig range of hot sauces have ingredeints sourced from around the world. Wood-aged habanero hot sauce and Mango Jalapeno hot and sweet sauce celebrate the raw heat and flavour of real Habanero and Jalapeno chilies sourced from Mexico. These one-of-a-kind sauces are vegetarian recipes and can be consumed with vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. Enjoy with pizza, chicken wings, as salad dressing or with snacks.

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