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Combo Pack – Natural Culinary Lavender, Natural Bourbon Vanilla & Yuzu Japanese Citrus Extract

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Product 1: Extract of Natural Culinary Lavender, 110g

Sprig Lavender Extract is a purely natural product with no synthetic flavours or additives. This one-of-a-kind food and beverage flavour can even be used in savoury recipes with blue cheese, rosemary and olives. Add a drop of this extract to your evening tea for the ultimate soothing experience.

The extract of natural culinary lavender is an incredibly versatile ingredient in cooking and baking. A hint of this lovely flavour can completely change your regular ice cream, cake, muffin or cookie. Infuse a little bit of this extract in a plain vanilla custard or pudding to add to the heavenly aroma. With just 1 teaspoon of this extract, a whole kilo of any product can be exquisitely flavoured.


– Icecream
– Baking Cake, Muffin or Cookie
– With plain vanilla custard or pudding

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Product 2: Extract of Natural Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar, 100ml

Sprig’s Natural Vanilla Extract made from Madagascar Vanilla beans is the best of its kind Vanilla extract money can buy. Carefully chosen beans are extracted through state of art process with no involvement of heat to capture all the subtleties in Vanilla.

Real Vanilla is a symphony of flavours and is very unlike the sharp bite given by chemical vanilla essence products. For the real connoisseurs, Sprig’s natural vanilla extract opens up the possibilities and richness that Vanilla as a flavour delivers.


– For any baking application

– With Coffee- Latte

– With whipped cream or any frosting

– With Greek Yogurt or your parfait bowl

– With custards and puddings

– With Meringues and Pannacotas

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Product 3: Yuzu Japanese Citrus Extract, 120g

An ancient Haiku describes Yuzu’s unique aroma as “…subtle, like the gentle sound of wind chimes coyly tinkering in a summer breeze.” The evocative poetry captures the essence of Yuzu, a distinct Japanese citrus with complex tangerine and lime blossom notes. Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your culinary creations; from decadent desserts and bakes, to simple mixed drinks.

Note: Natural Yuzu extract has unique essential oils that turns clear drinks milky white, in a phenomenon described as the “Ouzo Effect” – only with the real deal.

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