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Combo Pack – Mango Jalapeno Hot and Sweet, Chipotle Adobado Mexican Chilli & Passion Fruit Malagueta Pepper Hot and Sweet Sauce

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Product 1: Mango Jalapeno Hot and Sweet Sauce, 110g

Sprig’s Alphonso Mango and Jalapeno Pepper sauce combines the mellow sweetness of Alphonso mangoes with the mild aromatic heat of Jalapeño. This perfectly balanced sweet and spicy condiment can be a dipping sauce or a salad dressing.


Product 2: Chipotle Adobado Mexican Chilli Sauce, 120g

Discover a marinade & sauce with bold heat enrobed in earthy, smoked notes!

Chipotles are dried and smoked red Jalapeño peppers. It is used mostly in Mexican cuisine. Drying gets rid of the moisture in the chilli and intensifies the flavour of the peppers. The smoking gives it a certain depth and a very intense woody flavour. Sprig Chipotle Adobado uses the finest red Jalapeño pepper that is infused with pineapple juice to give the right amount of sweetness.

Applications :

– Whisk into Mayonnaise for a flavourful dipping sauce
– With stews, salsa and Soups
– As glazing sauce for Chicken Wings
– As table sauce


Product 3: Passion Fruit Malagueta Pepper Hot and Sweet Sauce, 120g

Sprig’s Passion Fruit and Malagueta Pepper sauce is a delightful dance of Amazonian flavours. The sharp bite of the Malagueta peppers is tempered by the citrus, sweet-tart passion fruit that leaves a nuanced tropical fruit finish.

Malagueta pepper is a type of chili widely used in Brazil, Portugal, and Mozambique and also used throughout the Caribbean. It is a small, tapered, green pepper that turns red as it matures at about 5 cm in length. It has a heat range of 60,000 to 100,000 Scoville units. Sauces made with malagueta pepper is commonly available as a condiment in restaurants throughout South America. Combined with passionfruit, which is native to southern Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, we get a distinctive hot and sweet sauce. This sauce can be used in combination with other elements like butter or stock to make a pouring sauce for baked fish, chicken and other meat. It can even be used as a salad dressing, dipping sauce for fritters or as a light drizzle over exotic cut fruits.


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