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Combo Pack – Lemongrass Infused Canola Oil, Sriracha Aioli & Nam Prik Pao Chilli Paste


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Product 1: Lemongrass Infused Canola Oil, 125g

The gourmet finishing oil is crafted by infusing light Salad oil (Canola) with Fresh Thai Lemongrass, in an elaborate process, to capture its distinctive citrusy aroma. Drizzle this exquisite creation over South East Asian entrees and curries as the final flourish. Perfect for Salads, Soups or blending in a marinade, dressing or sauce.


Product 2: Sriracha Aioli, 260g

Aioli is not garlic flavoured Mayonnaise! The story of Aioli begins 2000 years before Mayo was even invented. Its pedigree can be traced to Aioli an egg less emulsion of raw garlic pounded with salt and extra virgin olive oil. People in the Mediterranean have consumed this Garlic rich condiment for its perceived medicinal value and it has since been embraced in many forms. We have added our little twist with some authentic Sriracha hot sauce, for a piquant, sweet, garlicky explosion.


Product 3: Nam Prik Pao Chilli Paste, 125g

Nam Prik is a Thai chilli paste of spicy and sweet jam-like consistency in oil. Sprig Nam Prik Pao is made with crushed red chillies, tamarind paste, coconut sugar and fermented soybean paste.

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