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Combo Pack – Jalapeno, Habanero & Bhut Jolokia Sauce

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Product 1: Jalapeno Salsa, 110g

Crafted with authentic fresh Jalapenos, punchy, piquant and redolent with green notes, our signature salsa, adds just the right amount of spicy drama to Chips, Fries, Nachos or virtually any dish that deserves a bite!

Time to say good bye to vinegary hot sauces in market and experience flavourful Sprig Jalapeno Salsa


– As Table Sauce with Pizza, Sandwiches, Grills etc.
– With Marinades
– With Dips


Product 2: Habanero Premium Wood – Aged Hot Sauce, 100g

Dedicated to the die-hard ‘Chile Head’ or if you prefer, the discerning connoisseur of all things fiery; Our 100% sun ripened, fresh habanero mash is paired with Pacific sea-salt, natural coconut vinegar before being matured in wood. In time, the aged Habaneros tend to lose a bit of their brash bite and gracefully submit to the delightfully edgy citrus nuances that create layers of flavour beneath the fire.

Its time to let go the diluted vinegary chili sauce and experience rich flavour that Sprig’s Habanero Sauce delivers

Applications :

– As a regular table sauce – goes with Grills, Sandwiches etc.
– With Dips and Marinades
– To flavour batter for any batter fries

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Product 3: Bhut Jolokia Sauce, 120g

The legendary ‘Ghost Pepper’, one of the hottest chillies in the world, stars in this blazing hot sauce. Try a little dab of this pungent sauce to relish its smoky smoothness and raw heat. At a lip-scorching 75000 scoville heat units, it’s over 30 times hotter than most chilli sauces. Its intense pungency and heat make it perfect for a Hot Sauce Challenge!.


– To make Spicy chicken wings more Spicy
– Mix with Mayonnaise to create a dip like never before
– Couple of drops in Dhal Tadka to make Dhal extra spicy Tadka
– Couple of drops in any Gravy based curry to lift spice level
– For the really daring ones – couple of drops in your Bloody-Mary Cocktail



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