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Combo Pack – Coconut Sugar, Vanilla Extract & Vanilla Powder

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Product 1: Coconut Sugar Mingled with a Quartet of Brown Spices. 175g

Enjoy this wholesome indulgence in everything from your daily coffee to decadent desserts. With its warming melange of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and star anise, here’s a natural sweetener done right! Coconut palm sugar has a lower glycemic index than refined sugar, enabling your body to be more effective at maintaining its blood sugar levels.


– With regular Coffee
– Sprinkle on baked apples
– Sprinkle on Cereals
– Any baking application

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Product 2: Extract of Natural Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar, 100ml

Sprig’s Natural Vanilla Extract made from Madagascar Vanilla beans is the best of its kind Vanilla extract money can buy. Carefully chosen beans are extracted through state of art process with no involvement of heat to capture all the subtleties in Vanilla.

Real Vanilla is a symphony of flavours and is very unlike the sharp bite given by chemical vanilla essence products. For the real connoisseurs, Sprig’s natural vanilla extract opens up the possibilities and richness that Vanilla as a flavour delivers.


– For any baking application

– With Coffee- Latte

– With whipped cream or any frosting

– With Greek Yogurt or your parfait bowl

– With custards and puddings

– With Meringues and Pannacotas


Product 3: Sprig Vanilla Powder – Crafted from natural vanilla bean extract, no added flavours or colours, 30gm

Sprig Vanilla Bean Powder is crafted from the extract of real vanilla beans sourced from Madagascar. A convenient & potent alternative to vanilla extract or paste, vanilla powder gives you the smooth vanilla flavor & aroma you love. It can make any recipe flavorful and delectable.

USAGE: Since vanilla powder is more concentrated than vanilla extract, only ½ a teaspoon or less is used. A little goes a long way!


  • Just a teaspoon or less for baking cakes, cookies, pies.
  • Can be sprinkled on baked goods like chocolate chip cookies, doughnuts, or toast.
  • Infuse with homemade pancake or waffle mixes.
  • Add as substitute for regular sugar in coffee.

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