Calming Blucha + Golden Matcha

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Discover two teas with amazing health benefits and loaded with antioxidants. BluCha is green tea infused with the calming power of Blue Pea flower. Golden Matcha is fresh green tea leaves plucked when tender, turned into powder that has a whole lot of powerful nutrients.

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Product Description

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    Calming Blucha

    5.00 out of 5

    SPRIG Calming BluCha green tea inherits its mesmerising colour from the Blue Pea flower that is infused in it. Rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins, BluCha helps detoxify the whole body and promote healthy hair and skin growth. This earthy infusion tastes wonderful by itself or as an ingredient in food, desserts or cocktails.

    Rs. 599
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    Golden Matcha

    4.55 out of 5

    Golden Matcha – Sip Your Way to Goodness

    Would you like a cuppa that promises double the antioxidants of green tea and is prepared in less than half the time? Or a hot, aromatic tea that keeps your metabolism and spirits high through the day? Say hello to Golden Matcha tea powder – high quality green tea in its purest form.

    A simmering, teasing, refreshing cup of deeply intensely pure green tea – the Golden Matcha from Sprig provides you with an instant and stimulating nutrition boost to your day. Its powder form ensures that all of the goodness is stirred into your cup of green tea.


    Net Wt: 50 gm (100 cups)

    Rs. 499

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