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SPRIG Calming BluCha green tea inherits its mesmerising colour from the Blue Pea flower that is infused in it. Rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins, BluCha helps detoxify the whole body and promote healthy hair and skin growth. This earthy infusion tastes wonderful by itself or as an ingredient in food, desserts or cocktails.

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BluCha is made from the nutrient-rich juice of green tea infused with the calming benefits of Blue Pea. As you add a scoop of BluCha into a glass and top it with some hot water, you instantly get a beautiful vivid green tea. laden with potent antioxidants such as EGCG and Anthocyanins, this earthy infusion tastes wonderful by itself or as an ingredient in food or even in a cocktail.

Blue Pea in traditional medicine:

Blue Pea, also known as Aparajita in Sanskrit, is a traditional herb extolled in Ayurveda for its benefits. Blue Pea has been used for centuries in combating stress, anxiety and depression. Traditional medicine systems of China and Southeast Asia as well as ancient texts also value this plant  for its effect on improving cognition and memory. Heritage apart, even contemporary scientific studies have validated many of these benefits.

Ingredients: Green tea powder, Blue Pea extract

Usage: Scoop out a measure (0.5 g) of BluCha using the handcrafted Chashaku. Add it to a cup and top it with 150 ml of hot water. Relish a refreshing cup of BluCha green tea

Storage: This product comes in a convenient Aluminium tube. Store in a cool, dry place


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Weight 40 g

1 review for Calming Blucha

    5 out of 5

    Gorgeous packaging and even more beautiful tea! The colour of the tea adds to the whole experience.

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