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ENERGIZE & jumpstart your metabolism.
Scores of studies have indicated that green tea leaves can promote a healthy metabolism. This is vital to keep your energy levels up and cope with the stress of a typical workday. Our uplifting, 100% pure green TE.A supplies an abundance of anti-oxidants. These in turn, eliminate damaging free radicals in the body and help essential metabolic pathways perform optimally. ENERGIZE is an excellent tonic for a tired body and mind. TE.A is crafted from tender green tea leaves with nothing else added. Hit refresh with a piping hot cup of TE.A or enjoy it in a tall glass with ice and a twist of lime.

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The Truth about TEA
TE.A (Tasty. Easy. Active.) is a range of novel ‘Wellness Infusions’ featuring green tea and other beneficial natural ingredients. Using proprietary cold-crafting technology, fresh green tea leaves from select tea gardens are juiced and turned into a powder within 4 hours of being plucked.
Tasty: You are literally consuming the refreshing juice of tender green tea leaves in a light beverage. Brewing or steeping dried leaves or teabags just does not compare.
Easy: Open the sachet, empty the contents into a cup and add hot water. By eliminating the lengthy process of brewing and straining the leaves or disposing of the teabags, you can save both time and effort.
Active: Our technology is designed to optimally retain the nutrient value of our infusions by improving its bio-activity (effectiveness of the nutrients), and bio-availability (the body’s ability to absorb them).


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